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Game Description:

Missing Duckling game is similar as the Angry Birds games online. Well I must say the game play looks like the angry birds game online, but in this one you have to shoot ducks. It is a fun game, your job is to shoot the ducks with a big cannon. By doing that you must try to destroy the structures and mad dogs. It is like you are playing Angry birds online in this free missing duckling flash game. If you were looking to play angry birds online, then give this one a try I would say. It is very addictive for kids as well as grown ups. This flash game contains lots of awesome levels, they all have different things to shoot. At we really liked this game, we were looking to play angry birds game online and then found this one so we wanted to share it with you to have some fun.

The story is about Ugly duckling, he has lost his mother. The small ugly duck is the main character you have to shoot in this free game. The game itself has got various modes you can choose. For example the revenge mode, story mode or the destroy mode. You can play the game using your mouse. Just move your mouse to aim and shoot these ducks with the left button!

Watch out for the bombs, if you touch it, it will explode. When you collect the golden fur then it will give the ugly duckling more speed. There are some golden eggs, collect those for extra points. Also the golden stars will give you bonus points.There are several different bullets. For example the stone bullet, this one is good to destroy a wooden barrier. The iron bullet is good to crush stone. If you use the granite bullet then you can crush stones into pieces. The pink rubber ball is just a bouncing ball. Enjoy this physics game like the angrybirds game, it is fun! Share it with your friends if you like it.

Instructions :

Use your mouse.

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