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Bloons Tower Defense 4 is a popular top 5 game on real gamez you have to play for sure. BTD4 has got new tracks and improved graphics. With Bloon Tower Defense 4 you will have some great fun. The game is all about shooting darts at balloons with the monkeys in a tower defense style. Place towers along the track, you can find them at the right side bar. This expansion pack will keep you busy until you can play bloons tower defense 5 on your next visit.

Place a tower on strategic positions to maximize the defence effectiveness. There are a lot of different tracks to choose from, you can also select different modes, easy, normal or hard. When you can complete the levels in this bloons tower defense 4 expansion game you can unlock new tracks and new tower types. Of course it also still has got the original towers, but it features loads of new upgrades for each tower type. At realgamez we really like all the upgrades in this game.

Play Bloons tower defense4 in the career mode, sandbox mode or apocalypse mode. Save the game when you play it again later on. There is also some premium content with some cool features and special tracks. Buy special booster upgrades, for example you can buy the exploding darts or the double boomerangs.

Play bloons tower defense 4 at real gamez were we offer you this game for free, I am sure you will keep playing this game. Shoot these balloons so they will not reach the end of the paths, score as many points as you can and challenge your (online) friends too. At realgamez we really think this is one of the top 5 games, so enjoy bloon tower defense 4 expansion game which has a lot of new levels to explore.

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