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Dwooz defense is a great Tower Defense game presented by The funny Dwooz are trying to invade the planet and you have to stop them! They are walking on a path where you can place towers next to. Place these towers wisely and choose the ones you think will be most effective.

There are some cheap towers to begin, the more expensive ones can shoot gas and fire or even water. If you like the Bloons Tower defense 4 game then you will enjoy this great tower defence game too. This game is brought to you by who created this awesome game.

There are various Dwooz, all with different strength. They are trying to walk to the end of the path, if they reach it you will loose a life. That is why you need to setup the towers that can stop them. You can buy the 4 different tower types on the left, hover over them to see the specification. To place it, just click on one and then place it somewhere on the grassy area.

In total there are 35 waves you have to defeat. So make sure you build more towers with the money you earn. You can upgrade the existing towers by clicking on them and then on the left side you will get more info how much it will cost.

Good luck with this game, the game will start when you first tower is placed. To start the next wave in this towerdefense game you can click on the bar on the right bottom corner.

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