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Fly N Frog playing.

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Game Description:

This online Frog N Fly game is a really cool funny and addictive game to play. The story is about a Frog that wants to eat flies for dinner and your task is to help him. This free online crazy frog game has got 30 levels, all different with all kinds of cool things. It is your task to help this frog to catch the fly that is flying around in each level of this frog game. In the first level you will start with an easy mission, but it will get harder in each new level. To play this game you must use your computer mouse, this Frog N fly game has no ads.

Try to collect the various achievements that can be earned and when you manage to complete the levels within a specified time and clicks, then you can even earn gold medals too. This free fun game is one of the free frog games that can be played at it is a very fun and addictive game to play with a lot of cool levels.

So this Froggy really needs your help, to catch and eat the flies in all the levels, can you help him with that? To play this game you can click the frog with the left mouse button, while you keep it pressed drag it in the air, so you can let this crazy frog jump over obstacles. When you click the mouse button once, then it will try to reach the fly with his tongue. We at real games hope you will enjoy playing this Frog and Fly game, also try the other free frog games at Real Gamez.

Instructions :

User your mouse, the left button to jump and walk and use the tongue.

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