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Airborne Kangaroo playing.

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This funny looking kangaroo wants to discover what is above the earth. In Airborne Kangaroo your goal is to help him with that. In this funny game you have to jump on the clouds to get higher. You will be launched by a cannon and from there the jumping begins. The journey to the top will not be easy so you will need multiple tries. You have a rocket on the back of kangaroo, use that jetpack to fly so you do not have to jump. But the fuel is limited, so use it wisely. This game is exlusively presented by

Collect the money coins while you jump, there are bronze, silver and gold coins. With that money you can upgrade your equipment and other things. If you fall you will enter the upgrade screen where you can buy stuff. Then it is time to try it again and the cannon will shoot you in the air for another try.

In the upgrade screen of this Airborne Kangaroo game you can buy upgrades that will get more expensive every time. For example upgrade the cannon power so it can shoot you even higher in the air. Another good option is to bouncyness, so you can jump higher from each cloud. When you upgrade the coins that will give more value to the coins you can collect in your next runs. More fuel in your jetpack will be handy too.

This is a great kids game that will bring you a lot of fun while playing online. You will see birds flying around, do not hit them otherwise you might fall down. Also do not hit the thunder clouds, try to avoid them. This mighty Kangaroo is counting on you to help him, can you reach the top?

The graphics of this actiongame are very nice, the kangaroo is looking funny and the big rocket on his back is just awesome. This is an addicting game because you want to reach the top to see where you will go after that. So for kids who like to play addictinggames this is highly recommended.

A great new game with a new concept and with stunning graphics. The gameplay is very cool, you just want to keep playing in this addictive game. Figure out which upgrades are the most usefull, more coins or more fuel? Well find out while playing the game.

To play this game you need your skills, control the kangaroo with your mouse move it in the direction he must jump. To use the jetpack rocket just press the left mouse button. We are sure you will love this game, presented by realgamez enjoy! How many tries do you need?

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