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Batman ultimate rescue this is an awesome batman games. This is a batman games for kids that has it all, a lot of action, great music, nice graphics and of course your superhero the bat man! There are a lot of criminals in gotham city, like the joker who has captured your friends somewhere. If you are looking for Batman games for kids then this is really the batmangames for you. Take the cool looking grapnel shooting gun and fight these evil enemies. You must run and jump at batspeed to save your superhero friends. If you save enough superheroes you will go to the next level with new challenges. But you must be carefull, watch out for the bombs you will find throughout the levels. In this new batman game your dangerous mission is to help batman beyond trying to save his friends who are also crime fighters. Batman beyond games is fully packed of action, also starring robin and the joker your enemy. The graphics of gotham city and the batman cave etc are also cool. Click the grapnel down on the top of the building to jump anf fly around through all these levels. Go ahead and play this batman games games now on your home computer or at school. It is free, so play it now! Were are you wainting for, start fighting these evil enemies and save the city before it is to late. On nowgamez we got a lot more batman 10 games, benten batman games and free batman games to play for you. Batman ultimate rescue a game you will love!

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