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Game Description:

Batman the dark ride an awesome batman games for kids online. In batmans dark ride you must drive the cool looking motor bike of bat man. The Joker has treatened batman, he will destroy Gotham city if you do not play this game for him. Please do not harm the people in Gotham city Bat-man asked. But the Joker told him he want to rule the city. Oh no what did you do... what have you done joker... The superhero will save the people from this evil enemy it is batman beyond games at his best. Save the city before the Joker will detonate the bomb around gothamcity. We at now gamez like this on line game, we really recommend this batman online spiele. In this online game the goal is to drive the motorbike to the end of each level. During each level you must collect the coins to score extra points in this highscore game. There are a lot of obstacles you will need to jump over with your batman bike in this batman racing game. You can even make stunts. For every flip you can make in this batman online spiele you can score extra points. Batmans dark ride has a lot of various levels each with other challenges. Be carefull you do not fall and tip over. Jump on the dark bike and play the cool looking levels in one of the newest free batman games online for kids that is available. Can you manage to complete all the 10 levels. The graphics are done nicely, and all batman ten levels are really nice. Batmans dark ride is cool too. You will love this batman race game, so go and save Gotham city. Hope you will like batman games online, if you do make sure to check out all the other batman games game for kids and other batman spelletjes at and remember all batman games for free to play at now games.

Instructions :

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to steer and drive the bike. The up arrow to move forward, with the spacebar you can turn the motorcycle.

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