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Batman Brawl is a figt game with your superhero Batman, he is standing against the evil Clock King. In this new 2d game your opponent will be played by the computer, so it is not a multiplayer game. The strange looking Clock-King has got a huge clock as his head, do you think that is strange too? But watch out, this clock king is a very good fighter.

Batman games are usually action games, but this time you can play a different kinda game. This is a free online kids game but we think the more older kids will more like it. You must check nowgamez regulary to play batman games online, play them with your friends. And also share the games you like with your facebook friends. The controls are not too hard, if you press special key combinations you can do some cool punches, just press some of the keys together. Are you able to win from his enemy in this batman game online? You can get hit by him, but look at the health bar closely so you will not loose. Good luck! The keys to use: arrows back and forward C = body blow N = Block up M = Block down Z = Jab X = upper cut space = pause

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