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Ben 10 The Alien Device game. You must help Ben 10 to find his cousin Gwen, explore the worlds out there. Talk to his grandfather and more people in this fantastic ben 10 game. Use your computer mouse to find more info and clues and also to navigate through the levels. Several years ago they found a powerful device, coming from outer space, a alien device... Ben ten you have to go tho the plumers base. So little hero, where is gwen. Erm no news at the moment says ben10... Do you know where she is. She told me she was going to the park. You must hurry ben1o... Gwen needs you, hurry go find gwen! said his grandfather. In this ben 10 games you use the x-ray glasses to see all the things with which you can interact with. Use the backpack for viewing areas you have already discovered in this ben 10 game. If you do not know how you can continue, you can press the help button to get some advice for ben ten. You can also discover secret areas of the scenarios for some extra benefits. Collect the green gems to score extra points in this Ben 10 the alien device game. An inter-dimensional crisis threatens to swallow the Earth into limitless darkness and Ben Tennyson suddenly finds a majority of his alien powers stolen in this benten game. Vilgax has vowed revenge on Ben ten and his entire home world. The intergalactic warlords deadly plan: use the watch transmutive crystals to power a Mega-Null Void projector. A giant weapon powerful enough to rip our entire planet from the fabric of time and space. It is time for ben 10 to stop that. This is one of the best and complete ben 10 games on the internet, highly recommended.

Instructions :

Chapter.1 Go And Take The Frisbee From The Tree With Wildvine Now Go To The Lake And Hit Gwen With The Frisbee. Chapter.2 Open The Small Thing At The Back Of You And Take The Can Go To Gas Station To Your Left And Pick Up The Rag From The Cable Wires And Now Put The Switch On Take The Welder From The Junk And Fill The Can With Oil And Now Give Them Both To Grandpa Max.

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