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Ben 10 Vilgax Takedown game a great Ben 10 Vilgax crash game free and full of action. The famous spaceship of Vilgax will crash because it has troubles. Before it does you have to catch your enemy Vilgax before he can get away and escape the crashing alien spaceship. Or perhaps will Vilgax crash too together with you and with his ship before it is too late. I hope you can catch him before it is too late? It is your job bo help Ben10 in this game, try to capture him so he can not escape the ship. This original game can be played at

Ben 10 Vilgax Takedown is an awesome game in which you will transform to a alien. This time you will transform to Ultimate Swampfire. Perhaps you know him from the famous ben 10 ultimate alien episodes which can be seen on TV. There are a lot of levels in this game, just like in other ben 10 vilgax games. Control and move Ben 1o using the computer keyboar arrow keys. Press the left arrow to move left and the right arrow to walk right. Use the up arrow key to jump with Swampfire. Then also use the mouse to aim and shoot, you will see the target. Find and collect the green alien force balls you see in the levels, if you collect them you can score extra bonus points. Within this great ben 10 vilgax game there are also some reflectors, if you shoot at them your laser will bounce and you can reach other areas above you, can be very handy.

Each cool level quickly see Vilgax running away so he is scared of ben ten! Be quick and try to catch him. A clock is ticking so hurry up, otherwise the alien spaceship and Vilgax crash! I hope benten can count on your help in this ben 10 game? This game like many many other ben 10 alien force vilgax takedown games is addictive to play. The number of levels is great you will not get bored quickly. Each level has got nice graphics and music (which can be turned off too. The gameplay is really good, easy to walk around and to complete the levels (they will get harder each time). Nowgamez has selected this ben 10 vilgax game for you so enjoy it, do not let vilgax crash.

Play vilgax takedown and other Vilgax games and also Ben10games at your number one source for all kinds of ben 10 games. Visit Now Gamez regulary because if we get Ben 10 vilgax takedown 2 then you will be the first to know.

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