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Ben 10 Space War playing.

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Ben 10 Space war a great hero game. Ben10 is flying on a earth ball in space and he is in a space race to reach the end boss. You can choose to play with Ben 10 or Gwen 10, both can sit on earth in space to fly and compete in this space war game. Avoid and shoot at all the space rockets and do not hit a meteors. Collect the laser power to fire a laser beam. If you hit a space rocket or a meteor then you will loose a life. Their objective is to save the father of Ben 10, Max Tennyson.

If you like to play Ben 10 games and also space war games then this is the ultimate game for you. Start the game by choosing your hero, Ben 10 or Gwen 10 and then fly on a earth ball with rocket power trough space. Use the mouse to control this earthball and press the left mouse button to fire. There are all kinds of ammo you can collect, just catch them when they are passing by. Watch out for the meteors, you will loose a life if you hit a meteor. You will have unlimited normal ammo, but you can get a laser later on for some laser power.

A bar at the top shows how far you are and still have left in this Ben 10 Space War game. It is fun seeing benten sitting and flying on earth in space with his space helmet on. At the end there is the boss to defeat, it is Upchuck which you already know from the cartoon series on tv. He is shooting fireballs so watch out and try to hit him, a bar indicates when he is defeated. This is a game of RealGamez which is specialized in Ben 10 Games. How many points can you score, play it to find out.

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