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Game Description:

Gwen Luta Cibernetica is a fun and addictive Gwen 10 Game in which this time Gwen10 is the main character. The famous Ben ten is captured and is now in some big trouble, Gwen 10 is the only girl that can help him. She will try to get him out of the trap from the aliens (with your help). In this new Gwen 10 game she will use her special prepared laptop, using it she can try to disable their high tech security system.

Just like all the famous Ben 10 Games that are on this Gwen10 game is really fun and addictive too. You must help Gwen 10 trying to save Benten! This Cibernetica Gwen 10 Game is easy to play, there are 2 colors (you are playing with the yellow balls). To play you must first click on one of yellow ones and then click the target (a blue ball). If you keep pressing the left mouse button when clicking a blue ball, then it will shoot the laser beam with more power to disable the blue ones. This way you can attack the enemy blue balls, try to get them at 0 because then it will turn into yellow (your color). If you can manage to turn them all yellow, then you will reach the next level with even more balls in this game in the ben 10 games series.

When you manage to accomplish all the levels in this laser shooting ball game, then you can break the security system and it will be disabled. Then Ben 10 will be saved by Gwen and you, and Gwen10 will be very happy to see Ben1o again. Well start playing and enjoy ben 10 gwen games on

Instructions :

Select a yellow ball and then a blue ball (to attack), the longer you press the blue one the more power you will shoot. Try to get the blue balls to zero.

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