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Ben 10 Slippery Disc playing.

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Ben 10 Slippery Disc game is presented by cartoon network. Now this famous table disc game (air hockey) can be played online for free with a lot of cool options. This game is not only a ben 10 game as you might expect, but this online game features a lot of other famous cartoon network characters too. You can play with Chowder for example or choose Billy you know from the Billy and Mandy cartoon series. If you prefer Benten from the Ben 10 cartoon series then there are 2 characters too, Ben10 is transformed as upchuck and a special one from the Ben 10 Alien force series is the famous alien Echo Echo.

In this Slippery Disc game you can even earn some special characters that have to be unlocked. We at realgamez do not know who they are, they remain secret for now. It is your job to unlock them and see who they are, can you do that? This onlinegame is actually a combination of a skill game and a sports game and that combined with your favorite Ben 10 and Cartoon Network characters so how cool is that.

Now you can play with one of the Benten characters or choose one of the other ones if you prefer. There are several other options too, choose the single player option (then the computer will be your opponent) or choose to play a multi player game with your friends on 1 computer. The main objective in this Slippery Disc game is to score more points than your opponent. You must control the disc and score it in the goal of the other side. You will start with a field where there are blocks in front of the goals that have to be removed (break) first before you can score a goal. Score points by breaking the blocks, you can earn bonus points and more extra power with the special items you can collect. Like most of the games the movement in this free online game is done by the using the arrow keys. Press the buttons Z and X to slam and a special hit option.

When you like to play Ben 10 games and other Cartoon Network games at real gamez then this is really a great online game for you. You can now start the game to play it and show your Disc hockey skills in this game. It features some awesome graphics and great game play, you will not be bored again. Enjoy playing this game at Real Gamez.

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