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Game Description:

Driving is a lot of fun on your motorbike in this championship. If you love motor bike, then this game is just for you. Perform awesome stunts on your brand new motor bike and race against your opponents. Do your best because they have the newest motocross bikes. But avoid motorbike accidents with your opponents otherwise you will lose power. Speed up and race to the finish and become the Braap Braap champion. You can collect the bonus items on the track and try to reach the finish line as quickly as possible (to score higher points). By doing tricks and stunts (in the air) you can earn more points. Brap Brap is one of the most addicting bike games online. You can choose yamaha motorcycles, kawasaki motorbike, harley davidson bikes and even suzuki motorcycles. You must not crash your bike otherwise you will earn penalty. In the Braap Braap game there is a shop where there are motorcycles for sale. Find a cheap motorcycle, buy it and you will have more power in the next levels. And remember, keep on track!

Instructions :

Use up arrow for throttle. The down arrow for brake. The left and right arrows to steer. Hold the space bar button before a jump to increase energy and release it as you go off the jump to get more air time. Press Z, X, and C keys to do amazing stunts in air.

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