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Rally Point game is a rally racing game full of racing action. This 3d rally racing game will speed up your heart beat, with all the cool racing cars and the speed of racing. You can win races if you beat the target times. Hit the special nitro boost button for extra power in this rally point car game. You can race through various landscapes like valleys, cities, canyons and on other cool racing circuits. Drive your rallycar on the various circuits, try to go as fast as you can to the checkpoints, that is your objective rally point to score more points. Do you like to play a rally racing game? Then I would say: Play Rally Point! Unlock new cars and new racing tracks as you pass each level in time. There are a lot of rally racing cars to discover you can try, race them all. Online free car games are fun to play, especially the rally racing games like this one are very hot at the moment. There are awesome graphics in this 3d rally racing game, everything looks so real, the cars, circuits and the surroundings. This rally point game is a racing game you have to play free online, start your rally car engine and see if you can beat the times to win all the races! Ask your friends who like to play a rally racing game, to challenge you to see who can do better. On realgamez we got a lot more car racing games, so make sure you check them out too.

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