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Redline rumble 3 a new race game that contain 5 different 3d games. For example a helicopter game, a motor bike game, a truck game, a car game and even a police game you can play.

Real Gamez recommends this 3d game if you like to play helicopter games and also truck games, the graphics are nice so it is fun to play. Redline rumble games are a game series full with 3d game action, this 3rd version of the hot red line rumble games. Redline rumble 3 features all the race game action you want. It is divided into 5 separate games, each one with special features and things to race, which we will explain below:

Level 1 is a motorbike game you are playing the criminal courier. Drive your bike on freeways and try to avoid all the other cars. You must catch all the mafia merchandise you see floating in the air, grab them by touching the case that is hanging out of the mafia car windows. Deliver these cases and in the meantime collect extra time too and nitro pickups. When the motorbike is damaged due crashes, you can let it fix on board of the rolling repair truck, that is something spectacular!

Level 2 is about the Meanie gold crab. They robbed a bank but it went wrong, a big part of the gold billions has been lost while they tried to escape. Your job in this level is to race as fast as you can and collect the gold bars and put them in your car (the cool looking mini). If you hit the pipe valve ramps in this level, you can drive on just 2 wheels to get a stunt bonus, try it yourself. Go and start your engine to grab the gold!

Level 3 is about a police copter, this is a nice helicopter game where you are flying. Fly low and try to catch the courier that is trying to run away with the merchandise. Get the merchandise and drop it off at the nearest police cruiser (a car). Also grab the special signs for bonus points.

Level 4 is a police car level called Dodgems. You can drive this police car to try to get the mafia sports car that is trying to escape from you. A timer running so keep an eye on that, you must hurry. Be careful because you do not crash your police car in this game. Can you can ram the sports car and bring him to stop? Keep an eye on the other cars, overtaking must be done very carefully.

Level 5 is the Rix rolling repairs a really nice truck game. After the shakedown of the mafia the Rix team is racing away from the cops in a hot pursuit on the highway. You can use the Rix rolling repair truck hydraulics to lift up your buddies and place the car in the back of the truck. Or you can smash down the other police cars, with the same hydraulic lift.

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