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Ninja Plus 2 is a fantastic adventure game where you collect ninja rope to all the coins through the levels and eliminate all enemies with your arrows. Each level is unique and offers different challenges rope. To beat each level of each coin, which is at the top of the screen to collect tracks your progress and talk about how many you have and how many are left. As you progress through the level you are varios enemies attacked by other humans, rats and bats. You can enemies by using the arrows or avoid them by ropes to quickly kill them. The controls are simple for this game with WASD keys will move your ninja. To an arrow, use your mouse to aim and press the spacebar to shoot at. The Ninja 2 head shots at an enemy is an automatic one shot dead. Tip: A cool trick if you near a wall you can slide down the wall by pressing the key movement (WASD) against the wall. This trick is to scale walls slowly to avoid spikes useful. Each level is there a counter with a clock, how quickly you can complete action. The sooner, the better it is a good way to measure how well you compare to a friend. This game also features a Level Builder, allowing you to challenge your knowledge of map building and friends test to capture your card. The level builder is very easy to use and fun to try to get them from the menu. If the level is built, you can code to a friend who can download (to be sent from the menu) at your level and play it.

Instructions :

See ingame instructions.

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