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The original Angry birds online game play it free at realgamez. Click to play this original angry birds game online now with new and cool levels. In this free online game version it is all about shooting birds at pigs. This is a very popular game on the Iphone and Ipad from Apple and now can be played online, no need to pay. The Player (you) must use a slingshot to launch (shoot) the birds through the air at the pigs. Those evil pigs are standing on the various structures in the levels.

In this Agry Birds online game your goal and objective is to destroy all those evil pigs that are in the playfield per level. If you manage to reach new levels then you will get new birds (all kinds of colors) to shoot with. Those birds all have special abilities and powers, you can use them to destroy more and earn more points. Those special powers can be activated by you. This AngryBirds online is a very addictive game, so you can play it for hours and you will never get bored. Visit the next time if you want to play this game.

If you play Angry Birds online then you can take control of all the different multi colored birds and let them fly through the air. These birds are trying to retrieve the eggs from the pigs, they have been stolen by these evil green pigs so that is why they want a revenge. This awesome game has got a lot of different cool levels all with stunning graphics and gameplay. In each level you will find the pigs standing and hiding in and on structures of ice, wood and stone blocks. Your mission and ultimate goal (in each level) is to destroy and eliminate all those green pigs, complete all the levels of this game and score as many points as you can. You will see a slingshot that you can control using the mouse to move and the left mouse button to use it. Try to hit the pigs directly, or if they are hiding try to damage the structures (that way the pigs will be crushed or fall). So these structures can collapse, if they do you have a good chance they will crush the pigs underneath it.

There will be more options in each level, you will see that you can use explosives and big solid rocks that can fall onto the green pigs. This can be handy for the ones that are in a hard to reach place. But make sure you will use your birds wisely, sometimes it can be hard with only a few ones. The basic ones, red bird, will be available in the first levels. If you reach other levels you will get the blue birds for example. These blue ones can fly and then separate into 3 smaller ones for even more damage. There are black birds that can explode. The white birds can drop explosive eggs onto the ground.

Your enemy in this Angry Birds Online game are the pigs (mostly green), they can appear in several sizes and colors too. In some levels you will see that the pigs wear helmets for armor that way they can take more damage. When you manage to defeated them all by the time the last bird is used, then you will completed the level and will go on to the next level. Try to earn stars, but that depends on how many points you have scored in that particular level. The more points you score the better it is. Go and start playing this free version of the original angry birds online game at and shoot some birds! This game has got all levels unlocked!

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