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American Dirt Bike is a great motocross game to play online. In each level there is a timer, the more time that is left, the more points you will score. You are driving the stunt bike with the statue of liberty in the background. The aim of this game is to finish as fast as possible. In this moto racing game you play the american hero and you must keep control of the motorbike while driving some difficult tracks.

The goal of this game is to reach the end of level seven so you can enter your highscore and see if you can beat all the other dirt-bike players. Dirt bike gamez are very nice to play, a lot of people like them and we at RealGamez are sure you will love this cool American Dirt bike game! You will have unlimited number of lives when you fall.

Some of the levels are very hard to drive with steep hills for example. So make sure you do not fall off your bike. So it might be that the time has run out when you reach the finish line, it means no points this level. There are at total of 7 amazing levels in this free dirt bike game. If you fall off, you have to start again, but the timer continues. Be careful and do not drive too fast.

The UP arrow is to accelerate, the Down arrow key to slowdown. Lean forward using the right key and lean back using the left arrow key. When you are looking to play bike games or some moto games then this is a great game for you.

Can you finish all levels? Enjoy playing this great online dirt bike game.

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