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Delusion Puzzle playing.

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A truly addicting puzzle game you have to play. This is how online Puzzle games should be. It is really an amazing illusion game. Use your mouse to move the pieces, only leave the purple squares in the grid.

Click these different pieces to move them around or to change them places. See the detailed rules exactly in the game itself. This game is harder than you think. The blocks swap places and changes color and size. The pieces in this addicting puzzle game can also move from one side to the other side, keep that in mind. Press the space bar on the keyboard to select the tiles faster. Then use the arrow keys to move when a piece is selected.

This is the worlds hardest game, you will start easy, but can you complete all stage and difficulties? This puzzle game online is one of a kind. For each type is a highscore available, easy, medium and hard. To mute the sound press M, to pause the game press P and the R to reset the game.

This game is brought to you exclusively by also check all our other games too. Do you think this is a simple puzzle game? Think again and show us your skills! Only leave the purple squares in this puzzle.

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