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Scooby Doo Falling Stone playing.

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Scooby doo falling stone, very funny if you like scooby doo games. The objective is to avoid all the falling rocks. Scoobydoo has entered a very old castle but the bricks are coming down so he must try to dive away. He does not want to get hurt, so your important job is to help him. This scooby doo game will bring you some great fun to spent your boring time at school.

To play this scoobydoogame you have to use your keyboard, the arrow keys can be used to walk. You can get hit by a stone but you only have 5 lives. Can you manage to complete all the levels? The graphics are like the cartoon tv series Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated which are colorful.

Shaggy is wondering, where are you scooby-doo? He does not know he is in the castle avoiding the falling stones. The others (fred, daphne, shaggy and velma) are outside waiting in their van.

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