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Spiderman 3 Photo Hunt is a fun game where you have to snap photos of spiderman. A guy has hired you, he wants you to catch the mighty spider-man on film. So your task is to help this guy in this free spiderman game at Now Gamez. Try to track him down and then snap some really good pictures of him. Those images will be placed on the frontpage of the daily bugle paper. Take a look around before the scenes start to see if you see a good spot where you can snap a picture of some villians too. Are you good enough to get a shot of spiderman with your superfast photo camera?

Some onscreen directions will guide you. The first thing you will notice when you arive on the scene is that your cursor wil change to a camera reticle. Just aim the spot in the center at spiderman and take that frontpage shot! At first you can find spider-man on the east side of the big city, he is climbing all the big buildings. This is a great game especially if you like to play spiderman games.

So now Spider-man is jumping and flying through the city, so hurry up and start the game to see how many levels you can complete. Good luck finding spider man!

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