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Bloxorz is one of the most popular cool math games that you can play at Bloxorz is a puzzle game that challenges you to find the solution as quickly as you can. This Cool math games Bloxorz is a skill game that can be very hard. But it is a fun game to do some brain training.

The main goal of this Bloxorz game is to get the blocks into the square hole that can be found at the end of each level. In this coolmathgames game there are a total of 33 levels that you have to complete. A game that you have to play and it will be an addicting maths game that you just want to complete.

On the top corner at the right you will find a pass code field, write these down when you complete a level, that way you can continue that specific level and you do not have to start over again. Enjoy to play this and the many other cool math games for kids at realgamez.

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